Sunday, 16 January 2011

Samsung wave 8500 - User Review 2

Samsung Wave 8500  - User Review 2

You will not get the AMOLED version now, the new version has Super LCD....
So there is not much for 17k except maybe the 1 GHz processor...

If you talk about the operating system BADA is not developed as much as Android or Symbian...also not much dev on them so few apps (or none)

Also a lot of better options are available at this price point.... (Not if u want only BADA OS)
Below are the few options:
• HTC wildfire-Android, 5MP Cam, nice phone.
• X10 mini pro- Android, QWERTY, but small screen.
• Nokia X6-capacitive touch, good music, OVI.

P.S: Bada OS as a requirement...this should definitely be a first choice

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