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Hacking the Sony PSP 3000 or 3004(v5.03) - Installing Custom Firmware

Hacking the Sony PSP 3000 or 3004(v5.03) - Installing Custom Firmware-Loading ChickHenR2 And MHU

Firstly, the question arises what is the need of hacking a PSP. The answer is simple, if you have a modded or hacked PSP then one can easily download any PSP games from internet and run it easily without buying the costly UMD’s. After hacking the PSP, one can play .iso games, .cso games and homebrews. Homebrews are the software’s which are made specifically for running on a PSP that has the custom firmware. 

Here are some terms related to PSP:

XMB: Cross Menu Bar
OFW: Official Firm Ware
CFW: Custom Firm Ware

Before starting the hacking process the prerequisite is that the OFW of the PSP (3000 or 3004) should be equal to or less than v5.03. If the OFW is less than 5.03 then you can download the updates or upgrade the version to 5.03.If the OFW is more than 5.03 then sorry this procedure will not work for your PSP.

(Note: Before starting the process please ensure that the version of PSP is 5.03)

Things you need for installing CFW:
1. A PSP having version 5.03 or less.
2. Two files:-
A) ChickHenR2 folder.
B) CFW Enabler360 folder.
3. A system to transfer the files to PSP and vice versa.
4. This tutorial to execute the hacking process successfully.

Now the Hacking process consists of two parts-

Part 1- Loading the CHickHenR2

1. Download the ChickHenR2 folder.
2. Download the Custom Firm Ware folder named CFW Enabler360.
3. Format the memory card.
4. Go to System settings->Restore default settings.
5. Plug in the PSP and copy the h.bin file from ChickHenR2 folder to the root directory of PSP. Now go to ChickHenR2 folder - > Slim - > ChickHen and copy this ChickHen folder to Picture folder of PSP.
6. Remove the data cable and in the PSP go to Images ->memory stick press X. Now after the thumbnail of the ChickHen appears press X, some flashing will be there and your PSP will restart. It will not work if you press X before the thumbnail appears. There is a chance that you may not succeed in one try so try 3-4 times until you see the flashing.
7. ChickHen will be loaded successfully; you can go to System Setting->System Information and verify the same.

Flashing should take place like shown in the image below :

So now as the ChickHen is loaded, the custom firmware can be loaded.

Part 2 - Loading the Custom Firmware CFW enabler

1. Plug in the PSP. Go to CFW Enabler360->Game->CFW Enabler in the downloaded folder.
2. Copy the above CFW Enabler folder to PSP -> Game.
3. Remove the data cable, and in the PSP go to Game->Memory stick Press X. One icon will appear named CFW Enabler Press X. The PSP will restart now and installation takes place.
4. After restarting the PSP, go to System Setting->System Information there you can see 5.03MHU. This confirms that the CFW has been successfully loaded.

Now after loading both the things the PSP is successfully hacked.
Just put the .iso or .cso games in the memory card and enjoy the games. Also many other homebrews can be installed easily.

P.S: Do not turn off the PSP or remove the memory card else the hacking will go. Instead of switching it off just put it on standby and keep charging it regularly.

Note: The above mentioned method is tried and tested many times but still the above post cannot be hold responsible if you somehow manage to damage or brick the PSP. There is always a risk involved in hacking!!!

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