Sunday, 16 January 2011

Android 2,2 Foryo Updates For Samsung Galaxy

Updating Samsung Galaxy to Android 2.2 Foryo

I think Samsung galaxy models are  coming with the Foryo updates only. If you are not rooting the device and if you are having the device as the factory settings then there is software called Kies which will be given with all Samsung Android sets such as Galaxy s, Galaxy 3. Using that you can update the firmware. 


The steps to update are:

1) Go to the Samsung website ( in which if you go to the footer of the home page there you can see downloads/updates.
2) Click on that it will land into the download and update page.
3) Then you need to select the model to which the firm ware need to be updated (all the model will be listed there).
4) Connect your mobile using Samsung Kies and update the firmware. 

These should be the steps as it definitely works for Galaxy 3(tried and tested). Also you can check with the Samsung CC(customer care) in case you are having difficulty in upgrading.

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