Friday, 17 December 2010

Android v2.3 GingerBread

Android v2.3 Ginger Bread

After the Android v2.2 Foryo the Android development team just made the latest version of the mobile platform i.e. Android v2.3 which is called Ginger Bread. This new version of OS  has all the cool new features as well as extended API support improved power management and improved performance.

Below are the new features that android v 2.3 are supposed to have:

1.) Improved Text selection: - The text selection has been improved in this version like copy and pasting text while web browsing or messaging. Marking of text will be a little easier. 

2.) Better Battery Backup: - Earlier Android versions have reportedly giving poor battery backup so Google has come up with better ways of managing battery like closing applications if not in use to make sure that the battery management is done in right way.

3.) Download Management: - There will be a single application now which will give users a single view of all the ongoing downloads .The downloads may be through web browser, email or any other application for that matter.

4.) Improved Camera Interface: - The camera interface this time will be a lot more improved then previous versions.

5.) Internet Calling: - This time Gingerbread includes Internet calling, through SIP, NFC (Near Field Communication) support.

In the current scenario the two phones which will be having the latest Android v2.3 GingerBread are new Samsung Google Nexus S and earlier launched Nexus One.

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